At Cyrus Concrete Construction, we offer an alternative to the outdated and costly process of conventional asphalt repairing.

Infrared asphalt repair utilizes specialized propane-fueled equipment to heat the existing asphalt surface, softening it to a consistency that allows for the pavement to be reworked. Fresh asphalt is added to the mix to level out the surface. The area is then compacted, creating a thermal bond with the existing pavement and eliminating any cold seams. This is critical to asphalt repair: cold seams provide an entryway for water, limiting the life of asphalt repair especially when colder weather arrives and the cycle of freezing and thawing is underway.

What are the benefits to Cyrus Concrete Construction's infrared asphalt repair?

Less down time

Infrared asphalt repairs are completed more quickly than conventional repairs. Once your repair is completed, your paved area can immediately re-open, which means less down time.

More affordable than conventional asphalt repair

When you add up the costs of material, equipment, labor, and fuel that conventional asphalt repair requires, the cost-savings of infrared asphalt repair are undeniable.

Repairs can be made year-round

Our innovative equipment uses infrared heat to soften the surface, which becomes workable in ambient temperatures down to zero degrees. This means we can provide repairs to your asphalt even when the pavement is frozen solid.

Reduced repair & maintenance costs

Infrared asphalt repair will actually extend the life of your existing asphalt, reducing your repair and maintenance costs over the long haul.

Better for the environment!

Infrared asphalt repairs re-use existing asphalt to reduce materials, handling and disposal costs. That's good for business, and for the environment.


At Cyrus Concrete Construction, no job is too small! We've provided infrared asphalt repair for projects of all sizes, from small potholes to residential driveways to retail parking lots.